How it Works

A Challenge of a Different Kind

Activate is a live-action gaming adventure, designed to challenge all skill levels. We simply supply the experience, you bring the action.

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What is Activate?

Let's Play

Enter the game where you become the player in the world’s first active gaming facility. Jump, climb, problem-solve and laugh, as you and your friends move between challenges. Each dynamic game room has interactive technology that reacts in real time, ensuring an adrenaline-filled adventure.

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How it works

The choice is yours

Activate isn't a black and white experience. Every decision is yours to make, giving you the ability to create a custom action-packed pursuit. We simply provide the space, you color in the rest.

Select a room

Select a room

Start by selecting your favorite micro-arena. You can stay put or try all the rooms. It's up to you.

Pick a game

Pick a game

Each room has a variety of high tech games, lasting around 1-3 minutes each. Read the description and choose your adventure.

Choose Your Difficulty

Choose Your Difficulty

Make it hard, or take it easy. Difficulty levels range from 1-10, unlocking as you beat them. The more you play, the better you'll get.

Enter The Game

Enter The Game

It's go time. Open the door to your chosen game experience and the challenge that awaits. Give it your all until time runs out.

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It’s All In the Wristband

Electronic Wristbands

Before you begin, we'll provide you with an electronic wristband. This is our version of arcade cards, tracking your gaming activities and achievements to help you climb the leaderboards while you stay laser-focused on fun. Wear it with pride and brace yourself for excitement. When left to your own device, what will you accomplish?

Tips to be well-equipped

Success, Activated

Book in Advance

Walk-ins are welcome, but not guaranteed. The last thing we want to do is turn you away. We recommend that you book in advance.

Register a Player Account

Your player profile keeps track of your progress. You can do this onsite, but it will save some time if you do it beforehand. Create yours now. Pro Tip? You may just become a local legend if you choose a cool name.

Sign Waiver

A waiver is required for the safety of our guests. Make sure you fill it out before you play! (and, if you break a world record we'll have your autograph on file - a huge win for us)

Wear Proper Gear

Comfort is key for gaming success. Activewear is encouraged and flat-footed, closed-toed shoes are required.

Arrive On Time

If you want the full experience in the laser arcade, this one is a no brainer. You're excited to play and we're excited to have you. Please arrive 10-15 minutes early for check in to not miss a single second of game time.


Our Game Rooms

It really is all fun and games

Each Activate location is beaming with a selection of interactive light-up game rooms designed to test your physical and mental agility. Check out our room options below.